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Czech Citizenship
Via Ancestry

Program Overview

Three types of eligibility

Path #1

By Birth

Path #2

By Descent

Path #3

Citizenship via Naturalization

Benefits of Czech Dual Citizenship

The main benefits Dual Czech Citizens enjoy are:

  • ‍One of the strongest passports in the world with 183+ visa free countries access.
  • ‍The ability to work, reside and study in Czech Republic and across and of  the other 27 EU member states without the need of a Visa.
  • Simplified and more cost-effective process to purchase properties in EU.
  • Tax-Free import of vehicles (car, trucks etc.) directly from the US to Italy.
  • You will have access to public medical care.
  • Access to high-quality public education anywhere in the EU.
  • You will have the right to vote.

Who is Eligible to Apply

Initially, you had to be the child or grandchild of a Czech citizen, however, making this determination can be difficult because Czech citizenship didn't even exist for the majority of the 20th century. Passports for either the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic were only given after the two countries split in 1993 as Czechoslovak citizenship was still recognized up until that time. Residents were divided based on a large part in where they resided in the nation. As a result, if your ancestor left Europe in the middle of the 20th century while still a citizen of Czechoslovakia, it might not be completely clear which passport—Czech or Slovak—they would end up with after the breakup.

Another crucial prerequisite for the program is that your ancestors have to have lost their Czech citizenship before December 31, 2013, or earlier. You'll need to demonstrate it by supplying the necessary paperwork.Your ancestor could have lost their Czech (or Slovak) citizenship in a number of ways. For instance, if your ancestor acquired dual citizenship before 2014 when the Czech Republic first permitted it, as p rior to that date, your ancestor's Czech citizenship was typically automatically lost if they naturalized overseas.

Free Czech Citizenship Eligibly Assessment

Vital Records Requirements

Document retrieval efforts span the entire ancestral tree between the Anchor Ancestor and the Principal Applicant

Main Applicant Documentation
1. Birth certificate
2. Marriage certificate
3. Passport copy
4. Passport photos
5. Declaration Form
6. FBI Background Check
7. Declaration that you’re not a Slovak citizen.

Intermediary Ancestors Documentation
1. Birth certificate
2. Death certificate
3. Marriage certificate

Anchor Ancestor Documentation:
1. Birth certificate
2. Death certificate
3. A passenger manifest
4. Marriage certificate
5. Proof of loss of parents’/grandparents’ Czechoslovak citizenship
6. Certificate of citizenship or a certificate of the applicant’s permanent residence
7.Census Records

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How Does the Appplication Process Work?

You can apply to have your Czech citizenship reinstated by proving your heritage and by satisfying eligibility criteria set by the Czech government. Your application form needs to be accompanied by your ancestral and personal documents, translated into Czech.

Are my spouse and children eligible?

Citizenship in the Czech Republic cannot be acquired through marriage so unfortunately your spouse does not qualify for citizenship. However your spouse does qualify for a spousal visa in all 27 EU states.

The eligibility of your children is more complicated, as it depends on the way in which Czech citizenship has been confirmed for you and also on the date and birth place of your child.

What happens if I do not want to submit original documents?

The Czech authorities require that all documents be submitted to them as originals, duplicates or copies certified by a Czech notary or the Czech consulate. All foreign documents must have an Apostille (or in the case of EU countries a multilingual version of the document).If you do not want to send the originals, we recommend obtaining duplicates or have certified copies made at the Czech consulate.

I am eligible for Czech citizenship by descent through one of my grandparents, does my parent need to be a confirmed citizen of the Czech Republic before I apply?

Your parent does not need to be a Czech citizen before you apply for citizenship. However you will need to provide proof that you are a direct descendent of your grandparent by including your parent’s birth and marriage certificates, if they’re married. You can apply for citizenship, without your parent having to apply too.

I don’t have any Czech documents of my ancestors, can you help me obtain them?

If you know the date and place of birth, marriage and death of your ancestor, we will be able to help you obtain their documents from the Czech Republic.

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