Why Us

Global RCG empowers forward-thinking individuals to live anywhere in the world through real-time market intelligence, peer-tested best practices and tech-enabled automation services.

U.S.-based and trained

For Americans, by Americans

We enjoy a native understanding of the needs and client service expectations of American consumers.

Fiduciary standard of care

U.S. registered investment advisor

As the only RIA solely dedicated to mobility asset class, we pride ourselves on our subject matter expertise on all things citizenship and residency-related.

Shared cost economics

Strong ROI

Enjoy top notch implementation at the fraction of the cost of high-priced law firms.

Practical in nature

Peer-based insights

Tap into the hard-won experiences of a peer network pursuing EU citizenship by descent.

We get it!

Deeply held convictions

As U.S. immigrants, we viscerally understand the connection between residency privileges and the the opportunities these rights provide to compete on a level playing field.