How to Get Irish Citizenship by Ancestry (Quick Guide)

Got a grandparent who was born in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland? If so, consider yourself lucky. Because this qualifies you for Irish citizenship by ancestry!

And it’s not difficult to obtain at all! It’s similar to registering your birth at the Foreign Birth Registry in Ireland!

In fact, you get a lot out of it! With an Irish citizenship you get an Irish passport, which is considered one of the best in the world!

And there are no liabilities involved. Ireland allows for dual citizenship. In fact, it even allows triple citizenship, which means more travel options for you!

But let’s get to the details. We can assist you in obtaining the required documents for your application, as well as managing the entire application process.

Irish Citizenship by Ancestry: Basics

Our firm starts with the records/documents you provide us of your family's Irish ancestors. Afterwards, we’ll give you a questionnaire to answer.

The questionnaire lets us confirm whether you’re eligible for ancestry citizenship. It also lets us decide the best way to begin your journey towards Irish citizenship.

What Should an Application Package Include?

It should include the following:

  • Certified copies of your grandparent's birth, name change, death, marriage, and divorce records (if applicable), as well as your own. Only long form copies are acceptable.

Extra records may be required based on the events in your family's history.

We recommend starting with an Irish birth search, then looking for other records later. The only exception is if you know an Irish baptismal or birth record exists.

Why? It’s because Irish birth records are required for a citizenship claim.

Getting an Irish birth record isn’t difficult. If a non-certified copy is in your possession, we can help you get a certified copy. We can also help you find the record even if the mother’s maiden name can’t be determined or found.

Info Required for Birth Record Searches

We’ll need the following:

  • Your grandparent's name (their father’s name, and the mother’s maiden name)
  • Approximate location and date of birth

If you lack the previous info, we can start by obtaining a death or marriage record for that grandparent.

Based on the location of each event, one of those records should provide us with the information required to search for your ancestor’s birth record.

Important Note

While most ancestor births are registered in Ireland, exceptions do exist.

Before 1909, many births weren’t registered on a civil level. With that, if a birth record cannot be located, we can start the search for a baptismal record.

Certified copies of a baptismal record allow for a late civil registration of a grandparent's Irish birth record. And this lets you acquire a certified birth record for your grandparent.

Searching for baptismal records and late registrations are a separate process from what was previously mentioned, and may cost you additional fees.

Fees vary per record. They’re based on the location (and in special scenarios – the year) of each event.

Our firm can use its genealogy databases to fill missing information gaps. But, your chances of success do go up the more info you give us!

One More Thing

Did you know that you can file a joint application with siblings and cousins (since they share with you the Irish grandparent)?

That’s a step we recommend trying. You can split the costs of finding certified records with your siblings, assuming you all live in the same country!

Got Most of the Documents Ready? Here’s How to Proceed!

We start with a vital records review.

Fees differ per individual. Factors that affect the total price include:

  • The individual’s ancestry
  • Relevant events related to the ancestor
  • Other reasons stated in previous points

In most scenarios, the full process may be finished for less than $2000. For more info, contact us and we’ll provide you a quote!

Unsure if the Records You Have Are Sufficient?

If you feel that the documents you have aren’t enough for Irish citizenship requirements, then no worries.

Just send them over to us. We’ll check your package and inform you if anything’s missing. We’ll also help resolve any complexities or problems that might show up on each vital record.

Ireland’s Foreign Birth Registry is a lot stricter today with regards to errors and discrepancies in vital records. And having any means risking delays or rejection of your application!

Our record analysis ensures that these problems are dealt with before submitting your application to the FBR.

Acquiring Citizenship by Descent? Here Are Our FBR Services…

(1) Vital Records Analysis

Our firm will review and analyze the following:

  • Applicant’s lineage (in order to)
  • Decide the documents required for an Ireland citizenship application

Well also review and analyze vital records that we and the applicant can find to check if:

  • All necessary vital records are present
  • Each record is in appropriate form (properly certified – long form)
  • Any problems exist that could cause a delay or rejection

If any problems are found, we’ll advise on how each should be resolved (based on practices and policies mentioned by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

Additionally, we will:

Continuously review lineage and records (as each record is being prepared)

  • Advise on whether a record is sufficient or not
  • Provide other search options per record
  • Advise on supporting documents that should be attached

Fees are as follows:

  • $325 for first applicants (+)
  • $75 per additional applicant

(2) Citizenship Application Package

This service covers drafting costs for your citizenship application (when applying to be registered in the FBR’s registry). It also includes:

  • Electronic submission of an application
  • Sending applicant a PDF copy of their application

We’ll also provide the following:

  • Instructions on signing the application in front of proper witnesses
  • Requirements on what a proper witness is, and the needed documentation
  • Instructions on appropriate passport photos, address documents (and) proof of identity documents.

We’ll collect each completed application with the required documents. We’ll then review each document, ensuring they’re sufficient and compliant with the FBR’s rules.

Each application package is then organized with copies of all vital records that should be. The application is then sent to the Foreign Birth Registration Office.

We will compile the package while including copies of all vital records that must be submitted. The application is then shipped to the Foreign Births Registration Office.

Fees are as follows:

  • $375 for first applicants (or)
  • $355 for joint/sibling applicants

(3) FBR Processing Fees

This fee is levied by Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The fees are for processing citizenship applications.

PayPal and international transaction costs are included. Each applicant is charged $395.

(4) Mailing Application Package Fees

Those are fees for shipping costs of a client’s application to the FBR’s office (through UPS express international mailing).

Applications are delivered within 3-5 business days, tracking included.

Costs are $67.50, for a maximum of four applicants.

Getting Irish Citizenship by Ancestry: Make the Process Simpler!

You don’t have to go through the hurdles of the process yourself. You’ll save yourself much time, money, and months of errors by getting help.

Plus, an Irish citizenship by ancestry is a cost-effective route. It’s a lot cheaper than an Ireland investment visa. And you don’t need years to get citizenship by investment!

The process can be completed in just a few months! Simply contact us, and our firm will manage the whole process from start to finish!