Want an Italian EU Passport? Here Are the 13 Benefits of Having EU Dual Citizenship!

EU passports are one of the most advantageous identifying documents you can carry. They let you travel, enter, and work in a variety of fields and in the majority of European nations.

Many US individuals of European heritage may qualify for citizenship in a European nation. If you’re one of those individuals, keep reading. Because below, we’ll mention the 13 pros of having EU residency!

#1: Visa-Free Travel With an EU Passport

Those with EU citizenship can travel visa-free throughout the EU's 27 member nations, with no limits on activities.

In each EU country (and some non EU countries in Europe, such as Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and Norway), you can reside, retire, and work without time constraints. However, certain governments place restrictions based on your level of financial self-sufficiency.

#2: Quality Education with No or Little Tuition

There are tons of good colleges across the EU, and many of the best are either free or require low tuition. Even without a student visa, EU citizens can pursue degrees in fields including social sciences, business administration, information technology, law, and media.

#3: Health Care for All Throughout the EU

European citizens are entitled to free medical treatment in all EU member nations. This right exists whether you’re studying abroad, traveling, or living in another state. With that, each nation follows its own healthcare system, but with an EU health insurance card, you guarantee yourself healthcare coverage throughout the EU.

#4: Tax Exemptions in EU Countries

To avoid double taxation, the EU has “no-double-taxation” treaties with over 60 nations. Dual nationals living in the United States will not be taxed in the EU. And in many nations, residents may be eligible for preferential foreign income tax schemes during their first few years as citizens.

Some exceptions do apply if they earn an income in the EU. For example, those with dual Italian citizenship are taxed on their entire income. But, they cannot be taxed twice on income earned in the United States.

#5: Get Work Throughout the EU

Having a second country of citizenship gives you multiple employment opportunities. All that’s required is that you hold an EU passport.

Employers will frequently demand foreign workers in their teams. They want people with foreign experience who are culturally sensitive, bilingual, and mobile. Also, hiring dual citizens saves firms from having to cope with complicated work visa or permit procedures. So, even if Italy is your residence of choice, you may find employment with a German corporation and vice versa!

#6: Embassy Support When Traveling Out of the EU

As a US citizen, you can seek diplomatic assistance from a US consulate or embassy in another nation. A key advantage of being an EU citizen is your ability to seek assistance from any EU consulate.

Also, if you lose your EU passport, become ill or have an accident when traveling, or worse, you require evacuation from a perilous situation, this consular protection can be life-saving.

#7: Purchase Real Estate and Gain Permanent Residence

Citizenship legislation lets you own real estate in all EU nations without the requirement for extra approval. This is beneficial to European property investors since it allows them to diversify and safeguard their holdings. It also permits dual EU nationals to settle in any EU country of their choosing.

#8: Vote in EU Elections (and) Run for a Public Position

You’re allowed to vote in an EU nation where you live (if you have EU citizenship). You can also run for the European Parliament or a municipal government post. You can even be hired in the public sector under terms that apply to regular nationals. Non-citizens are not eligible for these lucrative occupations.

#9: Increased Personal Data Privacy

The EU's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) imposes limits on data use, storage, and collection. The EU uses robust safeguards for people, allowing them to have more control over their sensitive data. Personal data may be safely transferred between suppliers, and taxation privacy is also strictly enforced.

#10: Product and Food Safety Rights of Consumers

The EU boasts one of the world's strongest product and food safety laws. Unsafe items are quickly discovered and broadcast using regional alert systems to safeguard citizens. For traveling customers, they have the ability to return undesirable items and get a refund if their scheduled journey gets canceled or is significantly delayed.

#11: Setting Up Your Personal Business in Europe

European Union residents can access schemes that help startups and small enterprises. Fees for forming a new business are inexpensive, and most applicants can finish the procedure in a few days. Investment services and business loans make funding easily available.

#12: Have Backup Options Available

If you have dual citizenship, you and all family members have more alternatives in critical situations. Based on your place of residence and the direction of its political system, you may travel using your American or EU passport.

When traveling, there are two consulates or embassies to help you, and you might possibly relocate to another nation without having to wait for visa approval, which could be refused due to changing political conditions.

#13: Reconnect With Your Family History and Heritage

Living in your ancestors' homeland might rekindle your family's ties to one another. It’ll also spark your interest in your unique heritage. You can better absorb the culture of your ancestors by reconnecting with family or visiting historic locations.

Buying a home in Italy or any EU nation will allow you to rediscover your ancestral identity and develop significant ties with your cultural community.

Want to Apply for EU Dual Citizenship?

Are you qualified for an EU passport? To enjoy the benefits listed here, you must acquire European citizenship in a nation such as Italy.

If you possess a large amount of capital, you can obtain an EU investment citizenship. You could potentially enter the EU via an employment visa and go through immigration routes and citizenship schemes.

Do you have Italian descent and reside in the US? You may already qualify for Italian citizenship by descent. You may learn more about the Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program by contacting us now.

We will evaluate your eligibility via a short questionnaire. We also provide a consultation to help you achieve EU residency and all of the advantages that come with it!